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February 26th, 2006

08:40 pm
Birthday: May 11th
Beautiful Boy or Goat Girl?: Goat Girl
Whats on your playlist? Street to Nowhere, Plain White T's, REM, Death Cab for Cutie, and money more!
Likes: books, poetry, writing poetry, music
Dislikes: spiders and bitchy people
Favorite D.A Character and why?: witch baby - she reminds me of me and my snarlballs
Favorite D.A Book: witch baby or cherokee bat and the goat guys
Hobbies: reading, writing, drawing, singing in the shower
Current Mood: creativecreative
Current Music: losing my religion - REM

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February 14th, 2006

08:17 pm - new member - hey
Birthday: May 17th
Beautiful Boy or Goat Girl?: Goat Girl
Whats on your playlist? kings of leon, imogen heap
Likes: books, poetry music, flb,
Dislikes: bananas
Favorite D.A Character and why?: witch baby - she reminds me of me
Favorite D.A Book: missing angel juan/ baby be bop, but i love them all
Hobbies: reading, chatting, socialising, gigs

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December 27th, 2005

04:43 am - Mod Post
Hi. Everyone :)

Been busy, but not gone. My P.C died on me and I'm just now writing this because I'm at a friend's house. I've got lots of catching up to do. Welcome to all the new members who've joined while I was away.

If anyone is interested, I've opened another FLB based community, dedicated to Elysia. If anyone's read Ecstasia, or Primavera, they'll get the theme of Elysia pretty quick. You can post poetry, pictures, drawings, zine articles, and things like that on there, that express how you feel.


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December 19th, 2005

08:38 pm - new and lovely lady here
Name: JeSS
Age: 17
Birthday: August 13, 1988
Beautiful Boy or Goat Girl?: Charming and Lovely Goat Girl
Likes: surfing, ballet, pointe, photography, art, poetry, Movies, reading, wicca, Francesca Lia Block, Frida Kahlo, Audrey Hepburn, Milla Jovovich, Scarlett Johansson, Angelina Jolie, Gwen Stefani, Johnny Depp, analyzing dreams, tarot, ancient egyptian, indian(mogul), celtic, mexican, greek, and asian life styles, fashion, scotland, newyork, india, hawaii
Dislikes: people who are anti-love and anti-hate. You have to have the two in life. It's only natural.
Favorite D.A Character and why?: Everyone but mostly- Witch Baby (me and her go way back in personalities, I use to be a witch baby) and Weetize
(she acts and thinks like one of my best friends)
Favorite D.A Book: Witch Baby and Weetzie Bat
Hobbies: surfing, ballet, pointe, photography, art, poetry, reading, movie watching.

Current Mood: chipperchipper

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July 13th, 2005

04:56 am - It's a Beautiful 5:40 am

Name: Yuting Jin (but by day I am Casey)

Birthday: May 19th
Beautiful Boy or Goat Girl?: Goat Girl
Whats on your playlist?  I have Techno-pop:  Butterfly and Dancing all Alone from Smile DK, and this lovely trance song Halycon from Orbital
*dancing to the trancing*

Likes: Reading, pencils, Beautiful Boys, mint chocolate chip italian ice, noodles, dogs in sweaters, eyecandy, mind candy, libraries, bar pickup lines, lingerie, ribbons, platform shoes, ties, male button-up shirts, not showering in the summer, smoothies, competitive eating contests, bookstores, haircuts
Dislikes: karma, calories
Favorite D.A Character and why?: Echo's lover, the boy with the crushed wings, for the longest time I imaged a boy like that (because he sounded really hot damnit)
Favorite D.A Book: Esctasia (partly of that goregous title)
Hobbies:  ice cream, sketching on my walls, dreaming, telephoning, pondering, stuttering


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June 30th, 2005

06:43 pm
Name: Roxanne
Age: 16, but I'll be 17 in a few months
Birthday: October 17th
Beautiful Boy or Goat Girl?: Goat Girl
Whats on your playlist?: Bjork, Frou Frou, Damien Rice, Lighthouse, Coldplay, and Kyo (a french band)
Likes: books, trees, bubble baths, and hanging out with Luna Love
Dislikes: piggy pigs at school, morning mouth taste, Chuck the CHRISTian, clowns
Favorite D.A Character and why?: I like Dirk or Duck the best just beause they're so in love and seem really nice. I like reading about nice guys.
Favorite D.A Book: Missing Angel Juan, even though it gave me the heeeby jeebs.
Hobbies: reading, making tissue paper flowers (not out of tissues, like kleenex, out of actual tissue paper), obsessing over Luna Love.

I'm so happy I found this community! Everyone seems so cool!
Current Mood: contentcontent
Current Music: "The Blower's Daughter"-Damien Rice

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June 26th, 2005

11:18 am - Mod Post: Newsletter Submissions
I'm starting on our First Newsletter; The Shangri L.A Palm. I'm accepting poems, articles, photos, pictures, drawings, ratings on Ms. Blocks stories, and any other FLB and D.A news. Please e-mail all works to Sweebyxp@aol.com before July 15th.

Take Care,
Current Mood: calmcalm

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June 21st, 2005

02:51 pm - Sugar Ressurection
Mod Post:


First allow me to apologize for my extreme leave of absence. Somewhere between the credit people tying up my line, my P.C dying, hoping to pass my job evaluation, clean up of the office for summer, and beauty school interviews, I remembered that I had created a little frosty, glitter-winged community. *sighs*

I must say, I am totally surprised that this community has gained so many members! I'm glad it's our admiration for Mrs. Block that brings us together. I do believe I owe one of our members a new icon, and the select a new theme for our layout. I will be contacting that person shortly, and I do ask their forgiveness for delaying their award for so long.

As of yet, I am forced to use the computers at my job, so I may not be writing everyday, but I will be posting info once every week, guaranteed. Our Newsletter is still in the works, and will hopefully be out sometime in July.

My e-mail is still the same, so feel free to contact me, especially the new members, so I can update the birthday list.

I hope your all doing well.

-D <3
Current Mood: busybusy
Current Music: Roxette::Listen To Your Heart

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10:24 am - Hi all!
Name: Kat
Age: 18
Birthday: May 6th, 87
Beautiful Boy or Goat Girl?: Goat Girl :D
Whats on your playlist? Anything Darren Hayes! And tons of other stuff, lol
Likes: Slinkster cool people!
Dislikes: Clutch pigs! (Real original, I know, but I'm really tired right now lol)
Favorite D.A Character and why?: Witch Baby because she's kind of an outcast, or at least feels that way. And I feel that way alot. (Most of my usernames online are witchybaby :P)
Favorite D.A Book: Oh gosh, only read Dangerous Angels so have a hard time seperating the books, lol. All of them! :D
Hobbies: Oh gosh, I'm so sleepy, please check my profile for this! lol Here's a few: web design, reading, music, swimming... :D

Just wanted to say I am in love with these books, they are gorgeous blankets I want to wrap myself in! lol Only read DA once, I feel the need to read it again! :D
Current Mood: exhaustedexhausted

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June 20th, 2005

02:29 am - intro
Name: Dani
Age: 19
Birthday: 4-11-1986
Beautiful Boy or Goat Girl?: Goat Girl
Whats on your playlist? Green Day, Blink 182, The Casualties, Suicidal Tendancies, Social Distortion, Rancid, Dropkick Murphys, theSTART, The Eyeliners, The Donnas, Joan Jett, Oasis, Metallica... etc.
Likes: Green Day ALOT ALOT. (for the past 12 years at least) hair dye, boy clothes, my boyfriend Johnny, mohawks, photography, writing music/poetry, my band (the Trash Kittens) singing loudly and obnoxiously, making movies, the colour pink, living in the city...
Dislikes: fakey wanna-be's. the town in which I live in now. not having money to do anything. those who impose their point of view on others. people without good hygeine.
Favorite D.A Character and why?: I toss between Weetzie and Witch Baby all the time. Weetzie because she is so full of love and wonder. Witch baby because she is is mysterious and beautiful.
Favorite D.A Book: Weetzie bat - where it all began!
Hobbies: singing, b&w photography, home movies, costume design, tattoos/piercings, dancing barefoot, writing music

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