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Dangerous Angels

A Tribute to The Weetzie Bat Books.

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Welcome to DangerousAngelz, an LJ Community dedicated to the awesome series, The Weetzie Bat Books, written by acclaimed author, Francesca Lia Block

Dangerous Angels is a compilation of all five of the Weetzie Bat Books, which weave together the stories of the eight main characters Weetzie, My Secret Agent Lover Man, Witch Baby, Angel Juan, Cherokee Bat, Raphael, Dirk, and Duck. Writing in a style that has been called transcendent, poetic, and port-modern fairytale, Ms. Block's work is, at best phenomenal.

Our discussions are mostly focused on anything FLB, but we also have updates on Ms. Block and her recent projects. For members we offer Contest, Monthly Newsletters, Quizzes, and a Members List w/ Birthdays! We also share artwork, photos, fan fiction and poetry! We're coming up with new ideas everyday, and everyone's contributions are recognized. ♥

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This community is for FLB Fans who are Punks, Goat Rockers, Fairys, Coyote Magicians, Lankas, Ducks, Lovers, Cool Slinksters, Hipsters, Lotus Eaters, Genie Wishers, Globe Watchers, Rag Mop Ghost, Rainbow Gazers, Cake Killers, Oki Dog Lovers, Surfer Boys and Girls, Rubber Chickens, News Clippers, Moody Film Makers, Mohwak Hoppers, Feather Dress Hipsters, Jah Love Wannabes, Ping Chong Girlies, Mannequin Children, Cherokee Bats, Wigg Agent Witch Babys, Brat Math Bats, FiFi Dancers, Bug Guys, Go-go Girls, Mansfield Fiends, and anyone else who wants to join!

After joining fill, out the questionnaire in your first post. It'll help to introduce you into the community, rather then just joining and being a drifter. This must be done at least three days after you've joined.

Beautiful Boy or Goat Girl?:
Whats on your playlist?
Favorite D.A Character and why?:
Favorite D.A Book:

Rules: To keep order and discourage Brat Bat ClutchPigs! >.<
1. No disrespecting other members or picking fights on the LJ Post.
2. No advertising for other LJ communites, UNLESS FLB oriented AND brought to my attention first.
3. No reposting the the same entry. If you slip up, make sure you delete. It keeps the conversations rolling and the page tidy.
4. NO PORN, OBSCENE, and/or GRAPHIC IMAGES! I understand that many of us have icons that are, at most, adult in the sense that their is nudity, same sex kissing, or some moderate violence. But under NO circumstances are their to be any images containing the following: Rape, Beastialisty, Vore, Extreme Violence, Penetration, Mutilation, X-Rated, NC-17 Rated...(I think you get the idea.)
If you are caught, you will be removed from the group immediately!
5. If you have a large image, either photo or artwork, that you'd like to share with us, follow these instructions. It will be appreciated and help save space for other people's post.
6. BE ACTIVE! I can't stress this enough. There's nothing worse then a dead community! Please, let's try to add a post once, at least every three days. Many of us are busy, but let's make D.A a place where fun things happen, and your participation is needed to keep it that way.